Frequently asked questions

What is the reason behind the packaging redesign?
In 1923 we brought our first coffee over to the UK from Kenya and “The Kenyan Coffee Company” was established.

Over the years, the name has been shortened to “Kenco” and we remain true to our roots and continue to be proud to deliver  great quality coffee which also does good.

Now, over 90 years later, with our new look we are now celebrating our history: we wanted to take Kenco firmly back to where it started and further highlight its heritage, hence the new name “Kenco The Coffee Company”.

All our range has been redesigned.

Will there be any change in taste?
Don’t you worry, this change is purely related to the packaging; there is no change in how your favourite Kenco coffee tastes.

The refill pouches no longer mention “Eco Refill – 97% less packaging” – what
does this mean?
The wording “Eco Refill – 97% less packaging” has been removed from the packaging; however the packaging remains the same as before and does still contain 97% less packaging.

Why has the number of cups changed on the jars and refill pouches? My 150g
pouch used to say 83 cups and now it says 93 cups
The reason for this is that the cup size indication has changed from 1.8g per cup to 1.6g per cup.

Based on recent consumer research, we know that the average UK consumer uses around 1.6g of coffee per cup/mug. The overall pack volumes are the same.

It now says Americano on the Millicano tins – is this the same coffee?
They’re the same Millicano coffee, we have just added the widely known term “Americano” as part of our overall new look and feel to celebrate the

15% roast & ground coffee cleverly blended in all our Kenco Millicano products.

  • Americano Intense (formerly Dark Roast)
  • Americano Original (formerly Original)
  • Americano Decaff (formerly Caff Free)


Ingredients: Sugar, skimmed MILK powder, glucose syrup, whey palm kernel oil, instant coffee, whey protein concentrate, modified protein concentrate, modified starch, flavourings, anti-caking agent, stabilzer, thickener

Salted Caramel: above + SALT. 

How can I recycle Kenco products?
All Kenco and Tassimo products are technically 100% recyclable. However, unfortunately not all UK councils currently make provision to collect them.

That’s why JDE decided to partner with an innovative company, TerraCycle to make sure all the packaging of Kenco and Tassimo can be recycled. 

Please visit to find your nearest collection point.