Frequently asked questions

Why did you change the design of the jars?
Did you know that the famous Kenco jar shape hasn’t changed for 22 years? As part of our commitment to sustainability and because many customers have been telling us they’d like to see a more contemporary jar shape, we wanted to try and reduce the weight of glass we use as well as try something new. The slim-line jar shape you’ll start seeing from March 2011 was the design that got the biggest thumbs-up from customers. We hope you like it.

Even better, the redesign allowed us to reduce the weight of glass we use in our jars. As a result, we’ve managed to use 7% less glass than our current jars.

The new jar is available in our Kenco 100% coffee range from March 2011, and for our Rich, Smooth and Decaff coffee from June 2011 onwards.

Can I enjoy Kenco away from home?
You can indeed. Kenco coffee is served in many different places throughout Britain and Ireland. If you’d like to know where and how you can enjoy your favourite Kenco coffee, call 0870 241 4820 or visit www.kencocoffeecompany.co.uk

Is the Kenco packaging environmentally friendly?
Our impact on the environment is an issue we take very seriously. The glass jars we use are, of course, recyclable. And our Eco Refill packs use 97% less packaging weight than the complete jar*. In fact, a Refill pack weighs about half as much as the jar lid on its own.

*Per gram of coffee, compared to our jars.

Although the Eco Refill pack is not yet recyclable with the rest of your household waste, you can send it by Freepost to an innovative company called TerraCycle®. They take unrecyclable waste and transform it into something really useful. What’s more, for every pack you send, we’ll give € 0,02 to your chosen charity. For more information, please visit www.terracycle.co.uk